The last month has been a whirlwind of appointments and sharing respiratory illness with each other :/

Sarena and Isaac are both seniors. One will be commuting and one living on campus this fall. Max turned six months! He has been a wonderful blessing to all of us!

Dezirae goes to Middletown for her RIFE sessions twice a week. Sarena is working with OT to get her license to drive with hand controls. Isaac is working 2 jobs. The others only have 9 days of 7th, 6th, 5th, 3rd and 2nd Grade left!!!

Decade Day at the Middle School

Dezirae continues to drink 8-12 juices a day. She maintains a plant based(not completely vegan) diet. She is also starting back to PT to strengthen her lower left muscles.

We have met with all the necessary people to move forward with Dezirae’s rotationplasty surgery! It is scheduled for August 1st. It will take 2 surgeons most of the day to complete the rotationplasty. She will go straight to ICU after surgery and be there 4-5 days.

Following surgery she will continue with her Rife therapy(twice a week) as well as PT twice a week!

Prayers coveted for the surgery not to interrupt her body from fighting the cancer. Also for a special friend who can’t catch a break and needs a miracle! Please pray with us for all those that have walked this journey with us and those who have or will be dealt this nasty disease!!

We love you all! Even though you don’t hear from us we see your heartbreak, your new baby, your life changes and goals being met. We care about your graduations, sleep deprived nights, parenting trauma kiddos, teens, etc. You most likely haven’t gotten a call, card or text because we are trying to survive but WE DO CARE and WE DO PRAY!

One response to “5/11/2019

  1. Always happy to hear an update on everyone in the family. We know you have your hands (and hearts) full. We’re all behind you! Sending love to all!

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