Updates 3/15/19

Dezirae’s alternative treatment is a marathon not a sprint. This can be up to a five year commitment! Her body is healing and her lung tumors have been stable since July!

She is having a PET and CT today!

We all saved our Christmas money, added it to leftover bucket list money and are doing a road trip over Spring break!

Surgery to remove her port is April 11th! That will be one less appointment a month for us.

Sometimes I forget to mention the mundane……so the truth is that everyday that passes Dezirae experiences more pain. She has grown to be taller than me! This causes her leg lengths to be extremely unequal and makes the, should be simple, task of walking painful. We have needed a solution and after almost 2 years of research Dezirae has decided that rotationplasty will be the best option for her and give her the best quality of life! YouTube rotationplasty! It’s pretty stinking cool!! God is putting all the pieces together for this to happen!

My goal is to blog at the very least once a month!

We would like to ask for special prayers for a couple of Dezirae’s friends who need miracles! Praises for her friends who are disease free! We also know that surgery can take all of her healing energy and allow the cancer to rear its ugly head tenfold……So please pray for her body to be strong and that the surgery won’t interfere with her healing!

Ways you can help Dezirae heal


Amazon, Kroger, ALDI and Costco gift cards

PayPal.com to rohrerd11@yahoo.com

Tax deductible donations mailed to:

BCF PO Box 365 Brookville, OH 45309 (include a note for Dezirae Rohrer)

We have been blessed with gas cards so do not need any at this time!

To God be ALL the glory for healing! We love you and care for each of you! Hopefully one day we will have time to catch up 😉

One response to “Updates 3/15/19

  1. As always, so thankful for the update! Continuing our prayers for Dez & all of you! Love you all!!

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