Glory and Praises!!

We have loads of catching up to do but need to Glorify God for multiple things this week!!

Monday our oldest daughter had a total brain and spine MRI to rule out several concerns. Praise God for a normal scan!

Tuesday I measured quite small which led to concern that Max was no longer thriving in utero. Wednesday we had an ultrasound that showed he is right in target! He’s measuring over 6 pounds and is practice breathing! So very thankful! We are in the home stretch with less than 4 weeks to go!!

Today Dezirae had a chest CT and full body PET scan. The oncologist was pleasantly shocked at the results! He told us to keep doing what we’re doing! Not only does she not have any new tumors for the first time in a year, but the one remaining lung tumor is stable!! We will do another CT around the new year to re evaluate that lung nodule.

God has been so good to us! We feel so undeserving and humbled by all of these praises. It has been a long exhausting week…God has provided strength! Tomorrow Dezirae will have her leg lengthening surgery at 12:30.

Prayers that the surgery will alleviate some of her leg pain. Also continued provision so that we might keep up with her alternative treatment.

Blessings to each of you as you continue to support Dezirae and our family on this journey!

6 responses to “Glory and Praises!!

  1. This was all good news, & we are thankful for the report. We have been wondering, & several have asked if we had heard any updates. We pray tomorrow will be a GOOD day, with feelings of peace & inner calmness. Love to all!

  2. We just commented last night that we haven’t seen an update in a long time and hoped that meant all was going well. So glad to see the good report tonight. We will pray for Dezirae’s surgery tomorrow.

  3. Hallelujah!! We are rejoicing with you on this happy report!! Praying for success tomorrow and relief from pain!! Love you all!!! Steve and Lynette

  4. So thankful for the good reports!! Praise the Lord! I will be praying for Dezirae’s surgery tomorrow. Carolyn Brubaker

  5. So, so thankful for this update! Praise the Lord for wonderful news! We continue to pray for you all! Much love – the Bower’s

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