30 Days of Health

Dezirae made a radical diet change 30 days ago today! We have slowly changed diet and toxins in our home over the last 2 years.

However 30 days ago marked a drastic change for Dezirae. She started drinking approximately 96 oz a day of nutrient dense juice, that I make every morning from whole organic fruits and veggies! She has been able to keep 50% + of her diet raw so far and it is getting easier!

Within one week her Vit C level came way up without adding any supplements! After 2 weeks we noticed that she had more energy than she has had in 2 years! For the first time in 2 years she isn’t underweight or losing weight!

We started supplements a couple weeks after juicing and by that time Dezirae’s Vit C level was so high she wouldn’t tolerate the smallest dose of Vit C supplement. Amazing what just changing your diet can do for your body!

We have tried half the minimum dose of Vit C per day and have found that some days she can tolerate that!

Surprisingly the supplements are only about $135 a month. Her grocery bill is much higher(Kroger gift cards are a huge blessing)!

We are excited to see where this journey leads! Please continue to thank God for the healing He is doing in her body!

Scans and results are scheduled the end of October.

The meals and financial support are crucial to Dezirae’s healing as well, so thank you all so very much for your continued support! God WILL be Glorified in this Journey!!

One response to “30 Days of Health

  1. She is fearfully & wonderfully made! So thankful for this update! Praise God for such great news ❤ Love you all!

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