Be Strong and Courageous..

…do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go! Joshua 1:9

Muscles from part of the gang to help Dezi with her day and Kick cancer!! Love these ragamuffins!!

Yesterday(7/26/18) Dezirae had a chest CT.

They were checking healing in her right lung as well as monitoring the tumor in her left lung. Praise be to God she has healed beautifully! Even better is the fact that the remaining tumor has only changed minutely!! “Thank You God” as Dezirae says to any victory tiny or huge!!

OPTIONS(not recommendations)…..

Surgery to remove remaining tumor.

Chemo regimen #1 = Loads of time in the hospital, no immune system with risk of infection and possible damage to her kidneys and bladder…..then surgery & more chemo

Chemo regimen #2 = Outpatient Chemo twice a month. Side affects include swelling, skin changes, neuropathy etc. Also followed by surgery and more chemo

Do nothing and rescan in 2-3 months….surgery eventually(seeing a trend yet!)

And last but not least the Winner!!

Use a holistic approach, rescan mid October and re evaluate everything then!

Her doctor respects this decision. Dezirae told me yesterday “I am Confident(in her decision and the treatments we chose)”!!

The holistic approaches we chose will be time consuming. Dezirae will be on a very strict diet and I know it will be trying at times but she is determined! There will be plenty of driving and waiting as well!

We are trying to educate ourselves and organize so we can be successful! Thank you all for your continued support in every way!

We love you and Thank God for you!

God is hearing and answering prayers!!

All PRAISE and GLORY be to GOD!!!

4 responses to “Be Strong and Courageous..

  1. You guys are so amazing!! Have you ever seen the Truth About Cancer? They have SO many resources and ideas for alternative and holistic treatment. 🧡

  2. Stand in agreement with you!💗 Praying for you and with you. Love you all!💗

  3. Wanting you all to know we support you wholly in whatever decisions you make as far as treatment. May God give you strength as you explore His options for Dezi. Love you

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