22 July

Dezirae was much more herself Monday than she had been last week! She is more comfortable and has more energy.

We put corn up 2 different days and Dezirae has watched a couple movies on her bucket list.Yesterday we went to Conner Prairie, also on Dezirae’s bucket list!

God has a way of working out perfect details! There was an ICC reunion at Conner Prairie yesterday. ICC is the non profit that works in/with the orphanage that Sarena and Theodore are from!

There were a bunch of kiddos from their orphanage as well as this dear lady, who has worked tirelessly for 17 years to help better orphanage life for children in several orphanages in Theo and Sarena’s Home province.

We had an answer to prayer yesterday at lunch! Dezirae’s pathology from behind her knee came back negative for any cancer cells!!!! All glory to God!!

Next week will be full of appointments with a holistic coach, oncology, surgery, scans……more appointments for Sarena and I.

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