Friday the 13th!

Hello there! The last few days have felt heavy. It’s difficult for me to post about the heavy stuff and be positive so I just don’t!

The plan for today’s surgery has changed multiple times. The long term plan is about as sturdy as half set jello. Like her oncologist said there are no great choices from here, Heavy…

So we will leave that yucky stuff untouched and will share the praises!

Dezirae’s pain has been controlled with only a couple Tylenol a day. Absolutely amazing considering her body looks like it’s been through a war.

Pathology results came in today from Monday’s surgery. The lung tumor was indeed Osteosarcoma(not at all a surprise). However we learned that the lymph node from her left armpit is NOT cancer!!!

The sarcoma team met Wednesday and long story short they all agreed that biopsies would be better than the risk of trying to remove everything! When the IR doctor got in there the “mass” was a large collection of fluid!!! We were pleasantly shocked!!! He sent fluid off to be tested as well as samples from the surrounding tissue.

There was one abnormal lymph node behind her knee. It was right up against her artery. They couldn’t touch it without risking hitting her artery. Pathology will be back on today’s samples next week.

We love all of the doctors we are working with and they LOVE Dezirae! They are quite respectful of our wishes!

5 responses to “Friday the 13th!

  1. We have to take the bad with the good …just not happy about the bad…Gods Blessings for acceptance of His will…Praying for comfort for all of you!!

  2. My 1st time on here, but wanted you to know how often we think of you. God is amazing at sustaining us, strengthening us and giving. Prayers for you all and that most beautiful Dezi!

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