Special Wish Trip Day 2

We had a wonderful morning with our cousins! We enjoyed a delightful breakfast, games and puzzles before loading up. Thank you’s, hugs, I love You’s, a quick prayer and we were off!

About 15 minutes into our trip we witnessed a terrible accident. There was an accident in the other side of the highway, someone stopped(parked in the left lane) and caused an accident on our side! What a blessing to have a by-standing medic run up at the same time as me to assist the most critical victim.

In that moment complete strangers became a team! The squads couldn’t get to either accident because of the traffic. What a relief when the firemen showed up and offered needed supplies. Bystanders brought items from our van. The first officer on the scene(15-20 minutes later) personally thanked each of us! There are good people in this world!!

A huge shout out to our kiddos who not only witnessed this but sat patiently in the van while I was busy. They didn’t complain and gladly gave their brand new beach towels, ice, umbrella etc. to assist us.

We were all a bit shaken after that but praised God for his protection!!

We continued south to Savannah, GA. We spent the night in a lovely hotel suite, reserved by and paid for by A Special Wish. I walked in and the lobby was bursting with orange accents!

I ran to the grocery with the 3 oldest. We brought supper back and ended the day with a swim in the pool!

One response to “Special Wish Trip Day 2

  1. So happy you took time to help someone in need when you have your own struggles!!! God will bless you!! Love you Denee’ and family . Kathy

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