Current Plan….

Hope your summer is going good! We are enjoying ours! It has been super busy but we are blessed. Tuesday we found out that our baby is a boy. All the children were hoping for a boy but we all thought it was a girl. What a fun surprise!!

It feels very much like the plan for Dezirae changes every few days. The current plan is to arrive at the hospital July 9th at 6 am for surgery. This will be an involved process…..I will do my best to explain.

Once she is asleep they will do a CT to check location and growth of lung tumors. An interventional radiologist(IR) will guide the surgeon to the tumor with a needle and dye. The goal is to remove the right lung tumor without having to open her clear up like her previous surgeries.

This procedure has worked 15-20 times in this type of situation…..all others it has been necessary to open the patient up! Either way she will have a chest tube and stay at least one night.

Ultrasound and a targeted PET scan will be used to help the surgeon find the “bad” lymph nodes under Dezirae’s left arm. The hope is that they lit up for some other reason on her original PET in May and have just disappeared!

The surgeon will then place a port in her chest that can be used for chemo.

On July 13th Dezirae will have a second surgery to remove the mass/nodes from behind her left knee. If she is discharged prior to the 13th Dezirae and I plan to get a hotel so she doesn’t have to endure the 2 hour car ride(one way).

We have our hospital suitcase packed and ready to go!

Prayer Requests: For a SAFE and Fun Memory Making vacation June 29 – July 8!

That the lymph nodes have disappeared!


That all of this gives Dezirae plenty of time to do God’s work(her request)

Thank you for your continued support on this journey!

To God be the Glory ALWAYS!!

It’s been suggested that I include the following (;

Other helpful items are:

*Paper products(TP, paper plates, paper towels)

*Lysol or Clorox wipes

*Gift cards to Kroger and ALDI(Dezirae doesn’t eat the hospital food)

*Gas Cards

*Gift cards to restaurants(we can have food delivered to the hospital)

Tax deductible donations can also mailed to BCF PO Box 365 brookville 45309 include a note stating for Rohrer Family

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