It has been a long, emotional but, overall good weekend. It is so hard to wait for answers.


Deziraes PET scan was on Thursday. It usually takes a couple hours to read the scan. Dezirae’s wasn’t finished Saturday and although many eyes have looked at it there is not a conclusive answer as to what we are dealing with.

To recap: She indeed has a spot on each lung. The third spot didn’t glow on the PET so is considered benign!! She has a large concerning area under her left arm and another area behind her left knee that the team is working on a plan for.

Dezirae will have surgery to lengthen her leg on June 8th…..we are hoping to biopsy or remove the spot behind her left knee at this time as well.

Dezirae chose to go to St Simons Island, GA for her Special Wish trip. We will travel June 29 – July 8!! Please pray that this will end in many wonderful memories! Extra prayers for our trauma kiddos who really struggle with change and lack of structure. Also for me to be able to keep up(minor pregnancy complications).

July 9th Dezirae will have the left lung nodule and left armpit lymph nodes removed as well as have a new port placed. Both surgeries will take place at Cincinnati Children’s.

1-2 weeks after surgery she will start chemo at Dayton Children’s so she can have “her nurses”!

We are hoping we can coordinate this so Dezirae can attend the first day of school.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. Romans 8:18


One response to “Complicated-5/22/18

  1. I do not see how you keep up with it all. So much love and prayers as always, for His Strength to uphold each one of you. We send much love your way!

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