Blessings December 2017 – February 2018

I had this post all typed up and saved. I went to Post it a month or so ago and POOF!! It was gone!

We are humbled by the endless support so many of you have shown in countless ways over the last couple years!

The last half of November and beginning of December were particularly difficult! We know we are loved and prayed for etc but this journey can be intensely isolating.

In November we were blessed with Travis’ dad’s old Honda Odyssey! Such a huge blessing in many ways!


I remember a day in December that I was feeling especially alone and suddenly big unexpected blessings started popping up! A friend organizing a fundraiser “Glow Party”! It was a smashing success! A very special family reached out to honor their daughter’s memory by showing kindness to Dezirae and our family! Donations in the mail and from a friend’s church.


We were gifted a holiday getaway for Christmas to Gatlinburg, TN(I highly recommend making memories instead of gifts at Christmas). Some of Dezirae’s friends saved their giving money and gave our family a Great Wolf Lodge gift card……Sooooo Much Fun!!!

Friends blessed us with a weekend at their mountain cabin in TN in February. They gathered food and gift cards to make it more relaxing for mama! They even pulled som strings and we got to go to the aquarium and ride the best “Ferris Wheel” ever….fully handicap accessible!

THANK YOU!!!! The memories and friendships we made are absolutely PRICELESS!

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