Quick recap: 8 days ago Dezirae had a CT, femur X-rays and labwork done(We now know the CT showed 3 spots on her lungs).

Denee spent an entire week working with 4 doctors offices to try to coordinate the next steps for Dezirae. One week after her  tests we learned that her leg X-ray was abnormal.


5/10/18-We started our day like any other week day. Dropped the littles off at school and headed off to a day full of appointments. It rained the night before so we were blessed by my dad’s company!

Dez had PT at 10, Theodore had PT at 11, Dez ultrasound @ 11:15(of the suspicious spots behind her knee), then down to main campus of Cincinnati Children’s to meet with one of their sarcoma specialists in Oncology.

We did not get great news. Dezirae has a total of three spots between her two lungs. She also has unidentified soft tissue behind her left knee. We will get a PET scan Thursday and follow up with oncology in Cincinnati then as well.

We met the oncologist at Cincinnati today(5/10/18). Dez was immediately at ease with him and my Dad and I really liked him!

Dezirae has decided to do chemo and whatever surgeries the team recommends. She has a surgery scheduled June 8 to lengthen her leg. Chemo won’t start until we return from her Special Wish trip the beginning of July.

Dezirae has taken this all very well and was very comforting to her siblings as this is a very hard to handle blow!

We have made the decision for me to leave my job and stay home full time. Even though I want nothing more than to be with my kiddos leaving is quite sad to me.

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”



4 responses to “5/11/18

  1. Our hearts hurt for you all. Sending much love, and prayers to cover every hurt, and prayers for healing, Still continue ♥

  2. Still praying for you and all your family, dear friend… prayers for comfort, strength, wisdom, and healing. The decision to leave your job must have been a hard one and no doubt will take some adjustment.
    On a slightly different note… if Dez is still into making her signs I would love to have one. If you still have a link for payment let me know, or I can send you payment any way you wish.
    Hope you have a great weekend resting in the power and love of our awesome Creator.

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