Yesterday we had appointments all day!

Before we left Dezirae prayed that if she couldn’t have clean scans could a fellow warrior please be cancer free!

On our morning drive she said almost as if to herself “God has blessed us in so many ways!” She has the most beautiful spirit.

Dezirae’s leg continues to look great(medically speaking)! It is still quite short compared to her right leg so walking is a very real challenge. No signs of cancer in her femur so that is wonderful! She sees PT weekly to work on strengthening what little muscle is left in her left leg.

Today we met with Oncology – Dezirae has a growing tumor in her right lung. We are waiting to hear from Cincinnati Children’s for a surgery date! We will have her leg lengthened and lung nodule removed at the same time.

Today I asked the oncologist when does this(the lung tumors) stop? Although I already knew the answer and am thankful for his honesty I want to cover my ears and scream to drown the answer out, “Sometimes it doesn’t….”

We are being told that there are no other options or treatments! From research we know this to be true. We are prayerfully considering a second opinion from a bigger hospital(travel will be a must).

4 responses to “5/3/2018

  1. Here are hugs for all!! We love you so much and are PRAYING, PRAISING, CRYING, PRAISING, SCREAMING, PRAISING, right along with you! We will be in focused prayer about the 2nd opinion you are considering. You all are truly an example of trusting God no matter what. I hesitate to say that because I know it is acknowledges the terrible challenges and heartaching experiences you have been faced with. Dezi’s beautiful selfless prayer and her recognition of being so blessed inspiring andhumbling. Continuing on as prayer warriors marching with you to Glorify God! You are loved!! Steve and Lynette

  2. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I am glad you are going for a second opinion. No, I think I will scream until it hurts. We are always thinking of you all everyday. Our prayers and love.

  3. We can only love you Dez, more and more, as the spirit of Jesus just fills and spills out of your heart and testimony! Thank you, that even in the midst of trials, you still praise our God! You uplift us many times. God bless you every moment and know you are loved and prayed for! We can’t tell you that enough! We may not get to be with you much, but we sure care! ♥ Burdens are lifted at Calvary, Jesus is very near! ♪

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