The Truth, Cancer Stinks

Although I have always hated the saying “ignorance is bliss” it is so true for kiddos facing cancer and cancer treatment! The whole family deals with the changes that diagnosis brings. Our 8 children were ages 6-17 at the time Dezirae(then 10 Years 11months) was diagnosed.

We had worked so hard building our dream home and were so excited to move in and start to heal from all the trauma brought to our family through older child adoption!


Dezirae was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma(bone cancer) on August 20, 2016. We were surrounded by multitudes of prayer warriors who prayed us through the darkest days! Our “family” grew and filled in every need  to the very end of treatment! 7 1/2 months of chemo, 6 surgeries, multiple tests and hospital stays…..a little less than a year later and she was in remission!

Wow, we had no idea how difficult it would be to come home! Less than a month after the end of treatment, one of Dezirae’s friends lost her battle with cancer.

September 3, 2017 was rock bottom for me. I actually kicked a huge hole in our beautiful new bathroom wall. I believe it’s true that up is only way from rock bottom. We had a wonderful rest of our day that day!



Exactly one month later on October 3rd, 2017, Dezirae’s chest C.T. showed a lung tumor. We hurriedly scheduled surgery and it was confirmed that her cancer had returned in her left lung.

January 3rd, 2018, she had 5 cancerous nodules removed from her right lung. A few weeks later 2 fellow warriors lost their battles with cancer.

Then on February 19th, we had to share the devastating news with Dezirae that one of her best little friend’s cancer had returned and was terminal. After sharing this with Dez she wanted to share pictures of how much cancer stinks.

Dezirae said it best; “ No kid my age should have to watch their friend die…No kid Lexi’s age should have to go through this either!”

So there you have it Cancer STINKS!!

6 responses to “The Truth, Cancer Stinks

  1. We can only say we love you and that we care so much. Know you are prayed for a whole lot! Only Jesus can hold you close as you need, but we are here to love and pray. We are so sorry for your pain. ♥

  2. Love you Dez. Thank you for being such a brave, kind hearted soul that we all can learn from. You are amazing and you give me so much hope. ❤❤ No Hugs xoxo

  3. O sweet family. My heart hurts looking at these pictures. I am so sorry that you are going thru this. We love you all!

  4. This tore my heart out…the reality of life with cancer. Something those of us (or someone close to us) who haven’t gone through it don’t understand the full impact of, until we see it through someone else’s eyes. Thank you for sharing

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