Quick Update 2/15/18

Thank you all for your patience with me! We are functioning a smidge above survival mode!

I was waiting to update until we had all of Dezirae’s test results. We have waited weeks, had to reschedule appointments and the lab has had problem after problem with completing Dezirae’s genetic testing etc.

Dezirae lost two fellow warriors in a weeks time. Both funerals were the same day, so we were only able to attend one.

Dezi’s C.T. was clean. This buys us three months until we need scans again! We are thankful for these three months. That being said we are even more aware than ever that negative scans don’t mean nothing is there but that nothing is big enough to show up ;(

We saw her orthopedic surgeon yesterday. She now has new bone surrounding her implant! We praise God for this!! We have known since early fall that her leg needs lengthened, but have been busy with other more pressing surgeries.

She will have an outpatient surgery next Friday(23rd) to lengthen her implant. It is only able to be lengthened 1 cm every 3 months. We will re assess in May and possibly lengthen it again.

A repeat chest C.T., femur x-rays and blood work will be done in May.

PLEASE PRAY FOR LEXI, Dezi’s SWEET LITTLE FRIEND! Her cancer has returned and she won’t be better until she is in Jesus’ loving arms.

3 responses to “Quick Update 2/15/18

  1. We love you all so much… prayers for His strength and healing for each of you. Praying too for the families who have lost their dear precious children. Our hearts sorrow with them too…..♥

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