2 Weeks, 3 Days Post-Op

We are alive! God is carrying us every moment. Our human emotions are frail but He is Faithful! We are so thankful to be home and yet life around here has been rough. Please know this is not a complaint, just our reality and it takes loads of energy from mama to maintain these precious lives!

I’m not sure that I have the mental capacity to write anything more, but feel a desire to update all of you faithful supporters. Dezirae is healing amazingly well from a medical standpoint. We covet every prayer 🧡 We Love Each of you!

One response to “2 Weeks, 3 Days Post-Op

  1. Heavenly Father, We know you love and watch over this family continually, but we ask you would hold them especially close over these next few weeks. Give them comfort and strength for each moment. We pray for calm and peace in their hearts as they look to you for healing and hope. In the name of your precious Son Jesus, Amen.

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