20 Beautiful Days

We are so thankful to have 20 days to make memories over Christmas and the New Year. I’m not big on New Years resolutions but I do like to have a moto.  In 2018 it will be Healing!



Pray for our sweet friend Scarlett! Dezi met her at the hospital and instantly fell in love! She is Fierce but needs us to Pray!!

We have also made a family bucket list and will be working on that! I’m calling it Operation Making Memories!

You may wonder, why 20 Days?! Dezirae’s surgery to remove the 2 spots from her right lung is in 20 days(Jan 3). These spots were discovered in August 2016 and we have watched them closely throughout treatment. At the end of treatment we chose not to put Dez through another surgery and to continue to monitor these. Her oncologist now feels it imperative that we remove them because of the metastasis to her left lung.

If they are benign it changes nothing. If they are cancer it just gives us a better idea of her long term prognosis. We are not limiting God!

I can’t wait to share all the ways the people in our life have blessed us and are helping us make memories….in another post!

Specific Prayer Requests:

Pain relief for Dezirae(she has daily headaches and back pain)                Wisdom for us on what options to treat the pain.                                                    Comfort and Peace for those grieving  Strength for kids and families fighting hard against this nasty disease           Strength to give God the Glory ALWAYS!!     Please continue to pray for our marriage and our family unit(the devil wants to destroy us)

NOT TODAY satan NOT EVER                  OUR GOD IS STRONGER!

Choosing to Give GOD the Glory!!


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