Details 12/1

Yesterday I felt led to praise God for the results of Dezi’s CT. I thanked him over and over. Praised him for carrying us through and for all he would do for us…..

Dezirae had her C.T. yesterday. This morning we found out that the spot on the left lung is GONE!! The 2 spots on the right lung are still there, but unchanged.

We are working on scheduling surgery for the right lung the first week of January.

Until then we are feeling quite blessed to spend time with family and friends 🧡

We have been blessed with a holiday get away the week of Christmas and another trip in February sometime. We are looking so forward to these times of healing as a family!

2 responses to “Details 12/1

  1. Wonderful and Praising the Lord for this wonderful news. Praying you can have some wonderful family time!!!!!

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