Last year Dezirae was in the hospital at Cincinnati Childrens over thanksgiving. This year we had a very laid back day at home.


We started the day rounding up cattle with my parents and brother. I cooked and Travis’ parents joined us for a late lunch. It was, to date, our best Thanksgiving as a family of 10!

We do have Dezirae’s CT scheduled but since she has chosen not to know what day it is we won’t be sharing it here. The last couple weeks have been some of the hardest since this journey began 15 months ago.

We have spent quite a bit of time since getting Dezirae’s last C.T. results trying to find Joy and see Hope! God has us covered. We visited the girls old school, Dezi got  haircut, we have went to horse class and tried to be as normal as possible.

The day after Dezirae’s surgery was cancelled my cousin from SC called and the girls HS varsity basketball team that he coaches is dedicating their season to her! A friend called and is organizing a super fun fundraiser to help with extra expenses and to make up for all the work Travis and I have missed. A group from church and the surrounding community is willing to give us a holiday get away whenever Dezirae is able. The next morning I was contacted by a mama who lost her sweet 12yr old daughter a year ago. Her family wants to bless Dezirae in honor of her! Please pray for her family….for peace and healing!

We too covet your prayers through the week and weekend!


This Lil’ guy is having surgery tomorrow! We are praying that it will be a time of healing and a chance to bond with him!

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