Follow up Appointments

Dezirae continues to do well. She is completely off of her muscle relaxer and all narcotics. She had an allergic reaction around her surgical, chest tube and epidural sites, that resulted in painful itchy blisters. Thankfully we were able to manage the discomfort with an essential oil! The hole from her chest tube is still a bit weepy but closing slowly and isn’t showing any signs of infection!


We saw Dezirae’s oncologist Monday. He reassured us that the lung metastasis is better than the cancer returning to her leg. I asked about pushing her next surgery until after her scheduled scans in January and he strongly recommend that we do this now…..only agreeing to wait 6 weeks! We opted not to make Dezirae and our family go through this at Christmas, so will proceed.

A chest CT will be done 2 weeks after the second surgery to obtain a baseline of Dezirae’s lungs post surgery. Then every three months for a couple of years. The plan is still to continue removing any tumors that pop up.


A gift from Matilda Jane! What an outstanding company!

Wednesday we saw the surgeon. Dezirae has coughed up a couple blood clots and he’s a bit perplexed by that. Since she seems to be doing well, we will just continue to watch her! Her next surgery is scheduled for November 14th.


I don’t do selfies! We always try to dress cheerful or support cancer awareness when we are at the hospital!

We Praise God for her recovery time! We continue to be relieved and grateful that we don’t need to do chemo! We are humbled by all of your prayers and support!



One response to “Follow up Appointments

  1. So so thankful for answered prayer. We continue to pray for your family and are so blessed and inspired by your faith. Love to all!!

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