I’ve spent way too long trying to figure out a title for this post!

This morning I am praising God for a restful night! Yesterday IMG_3593IMG_3598was busy! Dezirae’s chest tube came out at 2:30! Her follow up X-ray was clear and the epidural should come out sometime today!!

Friends and family blessed us by visiting yesterday!

Pathology results came back. The tumor they originally went in after, is cancer. The second nodule they removed is benign.

What we know for sure is that the cancer has metastasized to her left lung, it was all removed during surgery, the 2 spots on her right lung will need to be removed in a week or 2 once she has recovered from this surgery!

Dezirae’s oncologist is at a conference until Monday so there are questions that can’t be answered right now. There are different ways to approach “treatment” if you will…..the impression I got is it’s about like drawing from a hat! The oncologist, caring for us(who we love), said “Don’t lose HOPE!”

We are clinging tight to Jesus and Hope!


One response to “Hope

  1. Make the most of each day! I love how you are seeking the positives even though it is difficult. You are all doing your best and God know it! Praising Him! Blessing so from our family to yours!

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