6 Month Post Chemo Update

Oct 2 – Dezirae had bloodwork, femur films(X-rays of her leg to check for cancer) and a chest CT(to check for metastasis). We coordinated with IV therapy and praise be to God the IV went in in the first attempt!! Thank you all for your prayers!


Oct 3 – Our 6 month follow up appointment with Dezirae’s oncologist. Her blood work and femur films were normal! However she has a new growth in her left lung that is concerning for metastasis! Not the news we wanted…we spent the afternoon processing this and working with surgery to get on their schedule ASAP.

Dezirae wished to wait until we knew more to share this. She knows if it is mets that the prognosis may be grim. She has decided that the decision of what treatment is chosen needs to be made as a family! This makes me both proud of her and hurts my heart!


Oct 4 – As we arrived at the hospital today God perfectly orchestrated a divine meeting! A dear sister in christ and fellow cancer mama was standing in the parking garage! Her sweet daughter was a friend of Dezirae’s and flew to be with Jesus soon after Dezirae finished treatment. We haven’t had any contact since the funeral. This was such a special  gift to both of us ❤

We met with Dezirae’s surgeon late this afternoon. She will have surgery Tuesday afternoon. They will take a wedge of her lung out around the tumor. It is in the upper lobe and will require about a 6 inch incision between her ribs to remove it!

This will be done at Dayton Children’s Hospital on Tuesday at noon.

Please pray with us that Dezirae doesn’t catch any of this respiratory junk going around! We have a busy few days! Also for pain control after surgery as this is a painful surgery!

13 responses to “6 Month Post Chemo Update

  1. Thank you for sharing, we will sure keep you in our prayers. So sorry to hear this news. Know we still care deeply and love you much….

  2. No words…….
    Heartaches for you. Want to say why? or what if?; yet remind myself, “but God…..”
    Praying for us all to remain faithful!

  3. With tears and love we commit to continuing in prayer for each one of you!! For the surgeons, drs, nurses, the IV starters, grandpas, grandmas, uncles, aunts and cousins!! I guess it is ok to pray and cry at the same time as we KNOW GOD IS IN CONTROL AND WE TRUST HIM TO KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT AND WILL FURTHER HIS KINGDOM!!! We love you! Steve and Lynette

  4. Praying everything goes well . We all love you and your beautiful family . Thanking you for sharing , again we will keep her in our prayers

  5. Oh sweet Dez – so sorry you have to deal with this. Praying praying praying for good results and peace for all of you as you wait for answers! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼

  6. Love and prayers for you all! This has to be so hard, yet we know God is already there ❤️

  7. Dear Sweet Dezirae, I will continue to pray for you sweetie. So sorry you have to go through so much! We know God Loves You and will take you through this. My prayer for you is that Jesus will cover you with His Blood and surround you, the surgeons, and everyone in that operating room, keeping you safe, and touching and healing you completely!!! May the surgeons hand be guided by Jesus’s hands. May your recovery be painless and pain free, and may your body heal quickly!!!! God Bless and Keep You Safe! My Wow Girls at church will be praying for you!! Love and prayers, Carol Shatzley friend of Diane.🙏❤️😘Dezirae you are an 😇

  8. You are in my thoughts and prayers today. My 5 year old grand daughter had a tumor removed March 1St. We are very fortu ute that it was not cancerous. She is still not out of the woods. She has to have MRIS for the next 7 years and for each one of them to come out clean. I oray everything goes good.

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