Always a Busy Month

Life has been super crazy! Adjusting to school, 6 at public, 2 at home. The appoinments haven’t slowed yet. I find myself not fretting over housework as much as being purposeful with the time we have right now!


I’ve  never been an emotional person so the emotions over the last months are exhausting. Life goes on and 8 precious children need their mama more than ever! Daily I am in awe of how God is in the smallest details!

September is always a busy month for us. 3 Birthdays and 2 Adoption Days to celebrate! We have two new drivers at our house!

Its hard to believe that it has been 3 months since Dezirae had scans last and yet they are on Monday! We have more anxiety over getting the IV in than the results. It’s all in Gods hands and He is faithful!

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