Scans and Shenanigans!

Dezirae will have scans July 10th with results the 17th! As long as everything is clear we will schedule to have her port removed!

Here is a very disjointed post on the feel good stuff!

We have been so very blessed the last couple months! For the first time ever we have room for our whole family to work together in the kitchen! We all love it! The kids have made my transition back to the kitchen much easier!

Through this journey I have changed my moto from “Simplify” to “Live Life Simply to the Fullest”! I’m still figuring out how that works! We had a house full of people who left the day before we traveled to KS! We took our 80lb dog with us!! We have had tons of appointments and there is no end in sight! These are made easier with massive amounts of snacks! We try to do something fun at least once a week!

We plan to go bowling and to the toy store….we celebrate surviving tough appointments with ice cream or a trip to a favorite thrift store! People, I got rid of all the girls socks and each size is a different color that doesn’t need to be matched, to match! LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO SORT LAUNDRY AND MATCH SOCKS!!!

We have had precious time with cousins and friends. We have a few veggies planted in earth boxes!

Dezirae chose St Simons Island, GA for her Special Wish! We will travel over the 4th of July 2018. Both sets of grandparents are invited! This will be our first vacation since the boys joined our family! We super glued the lid on a jar and are saving money for extras on our trip. The kids find this quite entertaining! I’m pretty sure they think I’ve lost my marbles!

We are planning an Open house and Dezi beat Cancer party for August 20th! ALL ARE WELCOME!

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