A Funny for Today!

 So I ordered these super cute thank yous/invitations for all the amazing people in our lives! And being the type A personality that I am I saved ALL the envelopes from the last 8 months!

 I started separating the cards from the envelopes and realized the magnitude of typing all these addresses up! Then the tears rolled(they are free flowing these days!). All these people that poured into our sweet girl and our family!! WOW!!! 

Then it hit me….we had 4 plus meals a week delivered to our house for months, I have no names or addresses, the prayers, the calls, words of encouragement, those that came and helped with everything when I was at the hospital with Dezirae! So here I sit with my stack of 225 cards cracking up that I thought I could actually put a number  on all of YOU that have blessed us! Have a blessed weekend! 

If you don’t have plans August 20th we would love to see you between 2 and 5 for an Open House at our home! More details to come!!

One response to “A Funny for Today!

  1. Bless your heart ♥ No thanks needed. You all have went through so much and we wish we could have helped more. So glad the Body of Christ reaches out when we all have needs. May we all bless the Lord for his faithfulness!

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