A+ Day!!

We have been on the receiving end for so long now, that some of our children haven’t had the chance to be on the giving end.

Today my Sister, her lil’ boy, 5 of our kiddos and myself drove to Wichita to see a dear friend, Rachelle, who just became a mama!! She answered the call to adopt and was blessed with twins one week ago!!

Rachelle has been my coworker and a precious sister in Christ for years! She then cared for Dezirae during her battle with cancer! She prayed over Dez and always brought us Resses cups.

Thursday at noon Rachelle took the call that she had been matched with twins that would be born that evening…..she made it to KS the next morning(just three days before we traveled to KS)!

Aiden and Ava were born early and will be staying in the hospital for a bit. We would love to bless Rachelle financially and cover her with prayer!

Being out of state with premies has added additional expenses and she would be so humbled by any help! Thank You!!



One response to “A+ Day!!

  1. What a wonderful Blessing!!! Thank you for sharing the opportunity!!
    Now speaking of being on the giving end…Dezi, you made my hubby’s day when you remembered he really likes caramels! It also made his day when the hand delivered bag of very special caramels arrived!! He asked me (with a mouth full of caramel) to send a text to thank you sooooooooo much for thinking of him and sharing!! We love you Dezi and aaallllll the rest of the family too!!
    Steve n Lynette

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