A Little Bit of Normal

Our first week home was extremely overwhelming. Realizations of all that we had missed! Dezirae and I almost feeling like strangers in our house and family.

I realized that Dez and I had never put our clothes away in this house, I don’t know who some of the clothes belong to….. Things are done a little differently with mama home!

We still have frequent appointments. These will continue through the summer! After Dezirae’s 3 month scans we will have her port removed. Our follow up with the surgeon is May 10th. We are hoping that Dezirae will be allowed to partial weight bare!

Overwhelming gratitude for each and every monetary donation, prayer, meal, hug, card, hours of time helping, gift etc. You have carried our family through!


2 responses to “A Little Bit of Normal

  1. So glad you can all be home as a family Denee’ Gods blessings for a full recovery if it be His will. Love Kathy Brunk

  2. Loved the pictures and a little bit of normal. I pray it becomes more than a little bit soon. Hugs for all, and continued prayers always. Our hearts and love are with you so much!

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