End of Day 4/17/17

Longish story short…Dezirae ended up needing 3 IVs (one poke each) and having her port accessed! By the third IV we were both crying! IV therapy was hugging us and nearly in tears! 

One of Dezirae’s besties came with us to cheer her on! From start to finish was a little over 7 hours. We are ALL so thankful the day is over! Thank you to all who prayed! We will meet with the oncologist tomorrow to go over results and the next steps of this process.

One response to “End of Day 4/17/17

  1. Awe, some days are so hard. We just want to take the pain away. I am so thankful for you that this day is behind you all. So sorry for any pain. Prayers continue. Love and hugs, you are a trooper dear Dez!

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