Chemo Follow Up

Tomorrow we go to have Dezirae’s kidney function tested, as the chemo can cause kidney damage/failure. I’m not concerned about the results as she doesn’t display any symptoms.

The test itself is a cause for quite a bit of anxiety. Dezirae has to have two IVs placed. She has never been poked less than twice for any single IV and has been poked as many as 6 times!!

The first IV will be used to inject the radioactive material with kidney markers and then must be removed right away. The second IV will be used to draw labs and we hope will last all day so we can use it for her chest CT in the afternoon. If not she will need a third IV to use for contrast.

Our hope is, that the spots on her lungs haven’t changed! If there is no change we may just leave than as they are most likely not Cancer!! If they have melted from the chemo surgery will be necessary.

We will see her Oncologist first thing Tuesday morning and discuss her follow up plan. It involves monthly visits(right now we are going weekly) and imaging at least every 3 months. If her scans are clear tomorrow we will be scheduling with surgery to get her port out!! She is excited about that!


Thank you all for your continued prayers!

2 responses to “Chemo Follow Up

  1. Praying that the IV’s will go in easily and that the tests all go exceptionally well.

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