Broken Record!

We are at the hospital for chemo again. Chemo was actually Tuesday evening. Dez roughed the nausea out! She has been using essential oils for many things with great success.

The last month or so Dezirae has been having weird and sometimes painful skin issusues from the chemo. Last night the pain from these on her feet was so bad that she couldn’t walk without horrible pain. They seem a bit better this morning!

Dezirae’s sweet little friend Chloe finished her last round of chemo this morning!! It has been fun to celebrate her this week!  

Next week will be Dezirae’s turn….end of chemo brings very mixed emotions(that will be another post). We hope to cheer Dez out of here next weekend and plan to have a celebration open house this summer later!

3 responses to “Broken Record!

  1. Praying and cheering you on sweet one. You have endured much and we rejoice with you when this is done, and you can just rest and heal! Love to you !

  2. Praying for you and thanking God for His faithfulness. We care and send hugs across the miles. I know there is so much that you never write about but God really IS able to fill in the cracks and heal everywhere ❤

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