Update 3/7

Dezirae has stopped throwing up and is resting! For these things we are so very thankful!



She is worn. The doctors feel like her daily meds are interacting with the nausea meds  and causing night terrors and severe agitation. Good to have answers however causing anxiety for next week as she can’t have these antinausea meds anymore!! Next week is the nasty chemo!

Deziraes primary oncologist will decide at the end of the week how we proceed with chemo next week. We need to have an echocardiogram(heart ultrasound) once her port is deaccessed at the end of the week. She will also recieve a medication to protect her heart Right before her next round of chemo.

Lord, You are amazing! We share our needs and struggles and you send your people to lift us up! We thank you for this! Amen!!


2 responses to “Update 3/7

  1. So glad for the update! So thankful for little/big blessings!! So glad she is resting! Hope you can get some too!!

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