Not so Great Night

Chemo ran from 5’ish to 10’ish yesterday. She was nauseous, so we gave her the only medicine that has helped in the past.

Around 10 she woke to go to the bathroom. She was extremely agitated, couldn’t talk at all, disoriented and had no clue who I was! At one point Dez screamed “I don’t know who you are!” at me. I was terrified and heartbroken all at the same time. She had another episode around midnight. At 2:30 she seemed back to herself.


5:30 this morning brought vomiting. Along with it the question of what to give her since we are afraid that she could have been reacting to the only anti nausea med that has worked for her. So we try something new……

Within minutes Dezirae was super agitated, trashing about and still throwing up. So for now we will just deal with the puking!!

Her body is so tired! She also has mouth sores so next weeks chemo may be postponed. Hopefully we will have some answers about that later this morning!

Thank you all for supporting us in every way so we can focus on Dezirae and our other children! To God be the glory for provision and each of you!!

2 responses to “Not so Great Night

  1. Dear Lord, A prayer just now for Denee to feel your LOVE and STRENGTH always but an extra measure when things feel scary and she feels helpless!!! Please if it be your will TAKE AWAY Dezi’s nausea and mouth sores!! THANK YOU for all the pictures of YOUR LOVE and POWER that we have seen through Dezi’s journey!! Please bless Travis and the children at home at this time also!!
    Please give strength to Grandma Denise and Aunt Chelsea and all who come to the house to help in any way!! Lord, YOU are GOOD!! POWERFUL!! LOVING!! OMNIPOTENT!! OMNISCIENT!! OMNIPRESENT!! Our ALL IN ALL!! We PRAISE YOU!! THANK YOU!! and GLORIFY YOUR NAME!! We ask this all in JESUS’ HOLY NAME!! AMEN!!

    Denee, Just know, I am figuratively holding you on my lap and wanting to “make it all better” just like when you were in first grade!! I love you!! I am praying for you!! Steve is a valiant prayer warrior in your behalf!! Trusting God’s peace is with you….Miss Lynette

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