Where did the Week Go?

Monday….3+ hours for an appointment Then an afternoon of blessed family time spent outdoors!

Tuesday….gone for 5 hours to Dezirae’s oncology appointment. Her counts were good except her ANC(germ fighter). 

Wednesday…Grocery run stocking up for the next few weeks when we are admitted for chemo.

Thursday….Oncology appointment to recheck labs. ANC was good but hemoglobin and Platelets had both dropped. We decided not to transfuse because Dez wasn’t really symptomatic.

Friday….Dez has white lips, a back ache and is pooped…..time to transfuse. Only problem is I’m in Cincinnati with Isaac for his 3rd cleft palate bone graft surgery and Trav is an hour and a half away in a class. Daddy to the rescue! He will take Dezirae for her transfusion. She is totally freaked out about getting blood. Please pray for her and PATIENCE and Strength for Trav!

This is just the extra stuff in top of the normal busyness of a family of ten. It has been a blessed time at home with the children. I have worked on a bit more unpacking. There has been JOY and tears this week and we are all sad that it is over. 

But guys we only have 5 weeks of chemo!!! God has been so GOOD!! Dezirae responded well to the chemo, she has always made counts and been able to get chemo on time! I am in awe of our Lord daily when I think of how incredibly well Dez has done!!

Blessings and Sonshine on your day!

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