“Thank You GOD!”

These words escape Dezirae’s lips fairly often! This week they have an extra special ring to them!

Monday was week 10 of chemo(halfway) and she did not throw up once! Her appetite has came back as well! It isn’t normal or great but it is here, so we will praise God!


We are halfway through the chemo treatments! 10 more weeks of chemo in the next 13 weeks! Our times at home are filled with appointments, so we will be very busy. We will be in the hospital until the weekend and then come back Monday for another round.

Dezirae has amazing range of motion in her knee. However her muscles have wet to sleep and have forgotten how to work. She is working with PT to wake them up.

This is considered week 16 of treatment. Around week 20 the plan is to remove the spots from Dezirae’s right lung. Although the doctors feel that these probably aren’t cancer, it is considered metastasis until they are removed and come back benign. She will have some recovery time from this surgery. Chemo will be pushed back to accommodate this recovery time. We hope to know a more definite plan next week sometime.

Dezirae did receive the items from her American Girl Doll wishlist from the rep that promised them! She gave 2 of her dolls to the twins.

We also know that God hand picked the people who have crossed our path as a result of the hiccup with her surgery! We are blessed and look forward to getting to know these individuals and their families better.


We have been blessed generously in every way! You all have loved on us! THANK YOU!!

Many of you have asked how you can help…..

The next three months are going to be spent mostly in the hospital.

MEALS are greatly appreciated to help Travis and my mom at home! You are able to sign up here

http://www.takethemameal.com                      login: Rohrer          password: Dezi

If you would like to help by donating a couple hours of your TIME to help with HOUSEHOLD tasks

Please call:                                                 Brenda McCloud @ (937)456-2782

GAS cards are helpful and last but most certainly not least PRAYERS!

We love you all! Lord we exalt your name! You have carried us through the last 4+ months and given us strength that could only come from you!


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