Home for a Day

Dezirae came home Saturday night! Our week was a little different. Travis and the other kids had the week off! Travis spent the day Tuesday and then Friday evening-Saturday at the hospital with Dezirae.

img_0527img_0528img_0530img_0532I took the blender to the hospital this week to make smoothies for Dez. I was at least able to get half of her calories in each day. All day everyday is a struggle to get her to eat and drink. It’s way worse at the hospital!

From talking to other parents this is normal, especially at the hospital. We praise God that Dezirae has pushed through the pain of mouth sores and eaten enough to avoid a feeding tube or IV nutrition!

The Polished Girlz come to the hospital and paint all the girls nails. It’s a small thing that helps in a huge way to pick their spirits up! I have a feeling that The one sweet girl and her mama will be in our lives for a long time! We love you Val and Alanna!

I am hoping to post this week to answer some questions and update in everyone at home!

Your Prayers are still carrying us – THANK YOU!

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