img_0284img_0294img_0296img_0305Dezirae’s counts were all really good on Thursday! She recovered from the chemo without the recovery drug this time!

She has lost more weight 😦 she has lost about 10 pounds. The fact that, she has also grown taller makes her BMI lower.

We are working on getting more calories in her…..I really hate supplements so am determined to, at the very least stabilize her weight. We can also use an appetite booster but are trying with out it for the weekend! Will recheck her weight on Monday.

Evalena got up and walked in Friday…..that was the first time she had left the bathroom floor all week.

Thank you Lord for healing and giving me health and enough energy to be up with sick kids every night for over a week!


One response to “12/17/16

  1. We continue to pray for healing and strength for your family. So thankful counts are good.

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