Update on Evalena

Evalena is much better this afternoon. All tests for a cause of her being sick have come back negative! We have no idea why she has been sick twice in 2 1/2 weeks, but she seems to be on the mend now.


The ultrasound tech today is the same one that did Dezirae’s ultrasound the day she was diagnosed with bone cancer. I told her that my life had completely changed since I saw her last. She had already given me a knowing look and said “mine too”.

She had went straight to the radiologist after Dezirae’s ultrasound and asked what it was because she had never seen anything like it before! She was crushed when the doc told her bone cancer.

Its been a frustrating 24 hours and it was so good to know how deeply some people, who have met Dezirae, truly care for us. She said she had thought of us every day since August 20th!

Evalena just has to drink and we will be able to come home later. Thank you for all your prayers!

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