Update from HOME

img_0190img_0211img_0214img_0242img_0256We have been home almost 3 days! This morning I am very thankful for Dezirae’s doctor who is willing to think outside the box to help her feel better!

When we come home from chemo, Dezirae throws up for 3-4 days……NOT this time!! We tried a different medicine and it is working. Thank you Lord! Her doctor told our NP, “I don’t care which medicine works, I just want her to feel better”.

We were blessed by Christmas from a friend….the kids opened presents yesterday so that Dezirae can enjoy them longer than 2 days!

Praises for no throwing up at home, 2 great oncologists who have really gotten to know Dezirae and listen to her mama!

Prayer requests….that I can have renewed strength and patience for all the emotional support that is needed from me because of trauma and now cancer. For a tall thick hedge to be built around us to protect us from the devil…..the attacks are coming from every direction, so fast that it’s crushing.

He is angry that’s dezirae is being healed, he is angry that we want God to be glorified! He is attacking our other children, at home, at school, on the bus, trying to destroy all that has been gained in this grueling healing adoption journey!

We are dealing with multiple tough things at home so I may not post much the next couple weeks. We have a follow up appointment for Dezirae on Thursday. Chemo will start again on Tuesday the 27th.

Thank You ALL for your continued support!

3 responses to “Update from HOME

  1. Praying for strength for you and a hedge of protection around your family. May you feel and enjoy God’s love this Christmas season. Merry Christmas!

  2. Praying for continued healing and for protection of the Blood applied to your home. The crimson Blood stains your doorposts and signals that NO death can come into your house! Shalom to you and your family during this time!

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