10pm 11/22/16

We are settled back in the room! Surgery went well and even a little quicker than expected!

Thank You Lord for keeping her safe through anesthesia and guiding the surgeons hands. Lord we praise you for making home so close to the best surgeons in the US!

Dezirae is having more pain this time around. We are working hard to get it under control. Please pray that this won’t last. Pain control is what determines when we get to go home. We have been told not to expect coming home before Friday or Saturday.

Praises that the rep who met with us today will personally take care of what Dezirae asked for to make this okay.

She was very hesitant to say anything. She said “I don’t want to take advantage of them”……..she finally blurted, “An American Girl Doll set to share with my sisters!”……she looked shocked that she let the words out of her mouth. Sweet girl!


3 responses to “10pm 11/22/16

  1. Bless her heart, she has a sweet one that is for sure! Can only love her spirit more and more. Keeping the prayers flowing for you all! God bless you with His peace over and over, and His healing touch too.

  2. So sweet! I hope she gets her every wish as she deserves. I’m bummed for you that Thanksgiving had to be spent in the hospital…but many things to be thankful for regardless. Love and blessings!!

  3. How the Lord must delight in Dezirea’s sweet spirit! And what an awesome sister! Prayers for your family and the pain.

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