Good Morning 11/19/16

Dezirae had a good night! We had a whole team just for pain management. This morning they released her because we hadn’t needed them at all!!

She is having pain but it is manageable. She is tough! Dezirae is using her walker and is able to get to the bathroom and back with us helping hold tubes and pushing the IV pole.

The surgeon came in this morning and answered questions. We don’t love the answers, but having answers is good.

The company that custom made Dezirae’s implant forgot to send a tiny piece necessary to make it all fit together. They are flying the piece and one of their engineers here tomorrow. We have requested that the engineer break the news to her or at the very least apologize..


Tuesday Dezirae will have another surgery to insert the missing piece along with the piece that’s needed to give her leg lenth. We will need to stay in the hospital until Friday. She is heartbroken that she won’t be home for Thanksgiving. She will also only have 2 days at home before she starts chemo again.

The incision starts just below Dezirae’s hip and goes to the bottom of her left knee. She has a drain to prevent all the blood from collecting in her leg.

Because of the total knee replacement she is at a high risk for blood clots. We will start blood thinners today as well as working on moving.

After a knee replacement it’s important to start using your knee ASAP! Unfortunately because of the problem with the implant she is unable to bend her knee at all. Her knee is not stable and wobbles even in her brace!

Praise that Dezirae did well with the surgery, we were loaned an exercise bike within minutes of asking and surprise kittens!


Please pray for Dezirae to not give be too discouraged by this set back, for our other children who have to spend another week without mama and for me because I am ticked off(I no that’s not nice but I am!).

3 responses to “Good Morning 11/19/16

  1. That is such a bad mistake to make considering it causes another surgery… I would be annoyed too! But glad to hear she is doing as well as she is.

  2. Sorry if this is duplicated; I don’t think my first reply was sent.
    What time is the Tuesday surgery? We will TRY to rearrange some appointments so we can come. Meanwhile, prayers continue….

    Sadly, she probably won’t get an apology (to do so would admit fault and open the door to potential lawsuits, etc.), but I would push for compensation—and more (small from the medical team point-of-view, compared to the potential of legal intervention). I’m not usually proactive, but I really hope you are given something for all she, and you, have been through. Rant ended. 🙂

    If we cannot be there Tuesday, our love and prayers will be…….

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