Surgery Day 3:30 pm

We still have many unanswered questions as to why the implant didn’t fit together!

There were several things about this surgery that we couldn’t know until the surgeon got into Dez’s leg. I will share what we know now and hopefully update as we have more questions answered!

Dezirae had a total knee replacement! They put a threaded pin into her tibia (bone in her lower leg)with a plate that sits on top of the bone. This creates the bottom of the knee. There is then another piece inserted in place of the bottom of her femur. This created the top of her knee.

The way the implant works is by fitting together like links to a watch band. The middle link was defective and won’t fit together with the other two pieces.

There is also a piece inserted into her remains by femur that extends downward.

Here is a rough drawing to show all the new hardware!



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