We’re Home

We came home late last night!! We need to be at Cincy Children’s by 0600 on Friday, November 18th for Dezirae’s surgery.

Her surgery is referred to as a limb salvage. They will be removing the bone, muscle and all tissue that was affected by the Osteosarcoma. All of this bone and tissue will be replaced by an expandable metal rod.

The surgery is expected to take 2-4 hours.

We are asking for continued prayers to heal Dezirae’s pneumonia. Also for the rest of us to remain healthy so we can care for her after surgery! THANK YOU!!

2 responses to “We’re Home

  1. Prayers for sure. So appreciate reading all your email that comes our way. Just can not always reply. Know you are loved and prayed for and we care so much. Hugs and love!

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