11/8 – Tuesday Dezirae continued to feel good despite her chemo Monday!!

She had a MRI of her femur which showed that the chemo is shrinking the tumor and killing the cancer cells! We won’t know the extent until after surgery.


She had a CT of her chest Tuesday night. This required an IV for the contrast. Dezirae has horrible veins. The IV start took two sticks even with IV therapy(the experts) and ultrasound!! She was a trooper and although tears were shed she help completely still! It breaks my heart that on top of everything else she has to endure extra pokes and pain.

11/9 – Wednesday

We found out this morning that Dezirae has pneumonia. I was not surprised! She has been coughing for weeks and coughing up “stuff” for a couple of those. I had pushed for a chest X-ray last week to no avail! I was quite frustrated to be right and yet not heard! She is being treated with IV antibiotics while here and will go home on antibiotics by mouth.

8 Days til surgery!! We have much to accomplish between now and the 18th!

Please continue to pray for peace leading up to the surgery and as we wait on the pathology results following the surgery. Also pray for minimal pain for Dezirae after surgery.

Praises – Dezirae was not sick from the chemo Monday!                                                   -No vomiting meant the MRI and CT were completed days before originally planned!  -And the pneumonia was hopefully found in time to treat and not push surgery back!  -Dezirae’s Methotrexate levels are dropping faster this round!                               -We will have several days at home before surgery!                                                                       -We continue to be blessed with food, donations, prayers, help…..the list is endless!


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