Rohrer Party of 9 +1

Wednesday we added a son to our family!


Eight months ago a very scared, sad little boy came into our home. I haven’t posted until now because of the great heartache that accompanies this adoption.

There is a birth family that felt they had no other choice than to abandon their son. I know this is our 4th adoption but still my heart breaks for the birth family, especially the mama!

So why is this time around different? You see there is another mama, who lives not too far away, who toiled for hours to bring this sweet boy home to be her son. And a father, who traveled to Ch*na to meet his son, finalize the process and bring him home.

Their joy and excitement quickly turned to heartbreak. They had to lay aside their dreams and make really difficult decisions for the best of their family.

We have been very anxious to introduce Truman to you and yet hesitant because of the sadness that this brings to all involved.

Thank You for loving our family! Please whisper a prayer of healing over Truman and his first adoptive family!

At the end of the day Truman said “Mommy, thank you, you be my last family. I have so many families, this my last family”

You are welcome dear son! We love you Truman EnQiang!!

8 responses to “Rohrer Party of 9 +1

  1. Well said. So much pain before the joy. Let the healing begin. Prayers for all and welcome Truman!!!!

  2. Welcome Truman- you are a blessing to many. I have a feeling God will have Truman do great things in his life. Hugs

  3. I am so happy for Truman! I have a special connection to his story & I am so happy to see this awesome update!!

  4. Such a gut wrenching decision for all the families involved. We have adopted from a dissolution, dissolved an adoption, and done respite care. It is not for the faint of heart. Children with traumatic history need a family who can provide the right balance for them to be able to heal. We are true believers that sometimes the child does not find their forever family the first time. I posted honestly about this on our blog and received the nastiest comments. Unless someone has walked in our shoes, you will never know the heartache a family has to go through on either side of this process. Love comes in many different forms. My thoughts and prayers to your family and Truman’s previous family’s who I am sure love him very much but must do so from afar.

  5. Perfect name- Truman! So glad to know he has an official forever family. Whatever God’s plan was, He saw to it that things did work out and while we may wonder why so much struggle and heartbreak has to occur, we can know in our hearts that we are all loved and hope that struggle is all behind him now.

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