Living in the woods

We love how peaceful our home in the woods…..the Internet, however, leaves a bit to be desired!


I have tried multiple times to blog but can’t with out service!!

Quick update! Dezirae has had a rough time since her last round of chemo. Once the vomiting and fatigue subsided she started getting mouth sores that went down her throat/esophagus. This has been the most painful thing to her so far!

They are almost completely gone now and we thank the Lord!!

Her counts Thursday were too low to be around people but high enough to not need any transfusions!

We met with the surgeon October 19th…..So much to process!

The quickest, simplest way I know to describe the surgery and recovery is this:    The surgeon will remove ALL of the bone that was originally affected by the tumor!

An expandable rod will be used to replace the removed bone. When she has finished growing a permanent fixed rod will replace the expandable rod.

Dezirae’s recovery and therapy will be long and intense. She will need to regain and maintain range of motion of her knee. This will be complicated by the fact that she will NOT be able to put any weight on that leg until months after her FINAL chemo treatment.

It takes 2-4 months for the bone to grow around the implant. That growth is impossible while receiving chemo!

We wont know anything more about her next chemo regiment until we have the pathology results from her tumor….

Blessings to each of you and Thank You for your continued prayers!

4 responses to “Living in the woods

  1. Man, this is just so crazy that sweet Dez has to endure so much. We pray for her often !!! We love you guys !

  2. Prayers continuing! I sent a prayer shawl through Kristy for the sweet girl who is enduring so much! Much prayer went into the church ladies who make them. Lots of orange I asked them! Keep us posted. Traci Williams and family.

  3. This saddens my heart to see her going thru this. Stay strong and positive while the prayers go up.

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