September is always a busy month for us. We have 3 birthdays and 2 Gotcha Days! This year we added multiple hospital stays, going bald, out of state visitors/helpers, homecoming and a new dog(will save that for another post)!!


We feel so blessed to actually have been home for all 5 of these important celebrations! Balloons and Chinese food for all three birthdays. Special gifts from China for the Gotcha Days!

Felicity and Evalena are 6 now! Felicity is feisty and yet our biggest peacemaker. She loves all her siblings but is especially smitten with her oldest brother<3 She keeps us laughing! Evalena is smart, spunky, compassionate and teaches us all patience! She amazes us with her strength! The twinners are both adjusting to school life and learning how to do life without mama…’s not easy, but they are brave girls!!



September 9th marked 2 years with our Theodore! He is super smart! He is very broken from his past and we have a very long road ahead to help him heal 😦


Isaac…..Oh my, this boy! Isaac came into our lives 2 years ago on the 15th! Isaac is very open about his story! He wants to change the world, work 2 or 3 jobs so he has money to help others! We have watched him go from an angry boy, whom we weren’t sure would ever attach, to a fun loving young man who loves God and his family! He is motivated, respectful and compassionate!


Dezirae turned 11……You already know all about her!


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