imageWe’ve been home one week! We have celebrated two birthdays, made our house a home, enrolled 4 kiddos in school, finalized stuff on our house, started school, celebrate Theo’s family day….busy, busy, busy!!


Travis’ mom came and stayed with us for a week and a half and helped with housework and the kids so I could be at the hospital with Dezirae and focus on things that need done by me, before we return to the hospital.


Dezirae slept the entire first day home. She has felt better every day and her appetite is coming back!

We have been busy and yet life is more relaxed in our new home. We have been loved and blessed to the moon and back!

Dezirae had her labs checked on Friday. All of her levels looked good except her ANC, the part of her blood that fights infection. We have to be VERY careful about germs and crowds.

If you see us out and about, Dez will be wearing a mask and we will be armed with hand sanitizer!

Deziraes t-shirts are available for 4 more days!!




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