Heavenly Helpers & Test Results

We have Many people loving on us in many ways. A friend has taken over managing the house and fielding phone calls from helpers! Another friend has came everyday, I think 😉 and has done whatever needs done. My first grade teacher set up a site for meals…..


login: Rohrer                                                                Password:dezi

We have shirts that support Dezirae and represent the reason for this journey! They also help us financially a bit.





2:00pm We are sitting and waiting for the oncologist. This is our fourth appointment of the day and Dezirae is handling the day wonderfully! We have had friends to help pass the time. We even had a chance to go hat shopping……made me want to cry ;(

5:50 pm Osteosarcoma is what we are fighting here. I haven’t been able to convince Dezirae to name her tumor, but I’m working on it, lol!image

This is our schedule the next 11-12 weeks!

Everyweek that has a letter is an inpatient chemo stay……the weeks that are blank we will have appointments and there are always the admissions for fever.

Week 11-12 Dezirae will have surgery at Cincy Children’s. We don’t have any details about the type of surgery except that they will remove the bad bone. We will meet with the surgeon sometime in the next few weeks.



One response to “Heavenly Helpers & Test Results

  1. You don’t know me, but I we must have a mutual friend on facebook. I’m not sure where your daughters tumor is, but I had a bone tumor in my femur when I was 18. They had to just fill the space with bone cement. When I was 30, they performed an experimental surgery on me with a new “limb salvage system”. My other option was amputation. Anyways, I just wanted to send you the link to what I had done, because it was a miracle. I’ve had it 20 years, and no issues. I’m sure that your doctors are aware, but even though I’ve had it 20 years, it’s only recently (last 5 years or so) because more readily available.

    It is called the Biomet Limb Salvage System.



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