Can You Help Me Mommy!

“Can you help me mommy!”….words we take for granted from our birth children and yet so very important. Yesterday was 6 months since Isaac’s adoption and I heard these words, spoken genuinely and with a bit of urgency, for the first time! He had hurt himself and was bleeding. He wasn’t hurt badly, but HE ASKED FOR HELP!!! This sweet boy will sit for hours staring blankly at his homework, because he refuses to ask me, his mother, a woman, for help. I am crying as I type this, because I wasn’t sure that I would ever hear these words from him! When I was finished fixing his ouchie, he declared “Mommy is a nurse, that’s great, OH YA!” (with a fist raised in the air and a swag of his hips in true Isaac fashion)!

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It is amazing to me how God works! He gave me two days to see the sweet little boy that Isaac is and then months of struggles. I wasn’t able to run out to the freezer or go to the bathroom without fear of someone being hurt. I patience has been tried beyond imagination and yet, God has given Travis and I a deep LOVE for this broken child. Isaac is a communicator. He loves to talk. Many times his chatter is just to hear himself talk, or so his mother thinks! Other times he is so honest, vulnerable and heartbreaking!

Just yesterday as we were driving, he said “Mommy, everybody has something bad happen to them in their life. Daddy had a really bad thing. I just want to know what mine will be”.  My heart broke for the hundredth time as I thought of all the inhumane things he has already endured in his short life! So to our Dear Son, You have VALUE, You ARE loved, You have HOPE and we will NOT give up on you!! We love you and mommy will keep hugging & kissing you and telling you “I love you!” Yes, I know you are Chinese and your culture has told you that you don’t like and do these things. As your mother I also see your heart softening and you having less and less resistance to these things. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!

3 responses to “Can You Help Me Mommy!

  1. Oh my goodness, can I just tell you how much I admire you? I’m not a mother or even married yet, but I certainly have thought of adopting a child in my future, and you have become a role model for me. Isaac is super blessed to have a mom like you who loves him so unconditionally. Growing up in my faith, I believe really strongly in the divine nature and purpose of families and that through God, families can be together forever. Can I ask you what your thoughts or beliefs are on that subject?

  2. Amazing Grace! I love to hear your stories. Isaac is a precious child, God has great plans for him. What a privilege that you get to be a part of that ❤

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