More Happenings

Since I am too worn out for Honesty, I will just share pictures and a couple Happy Happenings! Tonight all 7 of the children played a game together with the older ones teaching the littles……while this sounds normal, NORMAL almost never happens at our house…..THANK YOU GOD for a normal moment! One thing Isaac struggles with is the need to be too clean…He is also obsessed with meatballs. Mama gave him 10+ pounds of meat and had him make meatballs.  He gets meatballs, I get freezer food and FREE Occupational Therapy!! WIN, WIN, WIN!!  061

God knew that I would need these two to make me laugh and just to make it through many days when things seem hopeless with our adopted dears!

063 064

Isaac had never seen snow in real life and didn’t believe that it really existed! He was delighted, ran around like a brand new little calf, frolicking and kicking up his heels. This was so fun to watch!


Sarena has came leaps and bounds and is starting to be responsible about certain things. She truly seems to love being in our family and is very much LOVED by all of us! She longs to live in a house where she can again function equally with the rest of us. She feels so bad that she is restricted here at Grandma’s house and that she can’t help to her fullest potential. We are so blessed and wish we could take credit for the beautiful young lady she is becoming, but God has done it all!!

069 071 074 075 082

All because he didn’t want his picture taken!!

084 085 086 087 089 091

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